Reginald's Knightly Duties
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Reginald's Knightly Duties
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Игры ПК » Экшен, Аркады
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Reginald's Knightly DutiesReginald's Knightly Duties
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Reginald's Knightly Duties

Reginald was once a great knight, loved by all in his kingdom. After years of slaying evil doer's became boring Reginald began going to the local tavern on a regular basis drowning his sorrows in ale. After multiple disgraceful acts by Reginald the king assigned Reginald to the task of cleaning out the castle every night. Normally this would be a job for the wait staff however the castle had become haunted by an evil spirit who summoned evil creatures to plague the castle at night. The castle wizard believes if the ghost can be defeated 14 nights in a row that it will forever be banished back to its realm. Redeem Reginald's honor and defeat the evil creatures in the castle!


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