Mystic Defense
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Mystic Defense
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Игры ПК » Экшен, Стратегии
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Mystic DefenseMystic Defense
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Mystic Defense

Mystic Defense

Mystic Defense is a high pace game with a combination of charging up powerful spells to defend against waves of enemies while keeping an eye out for clickable flying objects and inputting code combinations to defend against unique bosses. This combines the uniqueness of a tower defense, first person shooter, keyboard input and interactive mouse clicking frenzy. This game is created with only one task in mind, how to keep the player’s hands occupied as this game will put your reaction, speed and multitasking abilities on the test. Many events will happen throughout the level until you reach a unique boss fight to keep you on your toes. With only being allowed to equip a single spell from the elements of Fire, Ice, Lightning and Earth from 24 different upgradable spells with each of its own special chargeable powers during battle, picking the right combination will become challenging to tough out waves after waves of enemies.


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