Cretaceous Runner
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Cretaceous Runner
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Cretaceous RunnerCretaceous Runner
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Cretaceous Runner

Cretaceous Runner is a computer game on the RenderWare game engine.
The protagonist is the dromaeosaurus Skilar, who lives with his family in Canada and doing his dinosaur business. But one rainy day, his pack was attacked by Tyrannosaurus and catched by surprise, and only Skilar can escape and hide in a neighboring province. In a short time, all the adventures will start with fight for the prehistoric world. And not only prehistoric, we'll have to get around almost all the planet, reaching even Mongolia, where the protagonist will meet velociraptors and other representatives of the local wildlife. There are 5 different countries with their appearance, where we will fight with nature, evil enemies, and even the Tyrannosaurus rex! The tsunami, meteor rain, chase on pterosaurs and other adventures! All this, and more, our dromaeosaurus must pass to come back home, save his friends and make own family!
It is recommended to read the instructions and set up the game for better performance or starting in HD mode.


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