Thousands of Years Later
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Thousands of Years Later
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Thousands of Years LaterThousands of Years Later
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Thousands of Years Later

Thousands of Years Later is sandbox game with a Mechanical Manufacturing System and a Construction System. You can use basic elements to produce various weapons, gear, vehicles or anything you might find useful to protect your constructions. It’s possible for you to build a castle in the game. In multiplayer, you can invite your friends to your world so they can help with your construction or to help defend against predators. You can burst into other player’s worlds in order to steal their resources as well.Since you are in a wasteland, you’ll have to find enough water to suffer through the high temperatures during the day. Even if you are lucky enough to not be swept away in a sandstorm, you ought to return to your shelter before night, when the mutants rear their ugly heads. If you ever


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