City Run: London
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City Run: London
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City Run: LondonCity Run: London
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City Run: London

Meet the dark forces controlling 16th century London on a night-long rescue mission through its ancient gate towers. City Run London is an immersive, story-driven puzzle adventure which cleverly merges the puzzle game genre with a deep plot, stunning soundtrack, and exciting gameplay. Players must guide Willa — an agent provocateur whose reputation for stealth has earned her the nickname "The Moth" — in a race against the oncoming dawn. Her quest to free the wrongly imprisoned will see her travelling throughout historic sites of Tudor London, drawing on the rich history of the time as players complete puzzles and keep Willa safely in the shadows. With a spectacular visual aesthetic by Art Director Finlay Cowan (album art designer for Pink Floyd, Muse, Audioslave) and music by Martyn Ware (The Human League, Heaven 17), City Run: London brings its vivid comic book style to life in this engrossing gloaming quest.


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