Lemuria 7
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Lemuria 7
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Игры ПК » RPG, Приключения
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Lemuria 7Lemuria 7
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Lemuria 7

After 40 years since its disappearance, the spaceship Lemuria 7 has been seen in the solar system again. In order to solve the puzzle related to its sudden disappearance and return, a special research expedition is organised. The scientists send a remote controlled reconnaissance robot on the board of the dangerous and unpredictable Lemuria 7 to reveal its secrets. Does the spaceship try to hide any distant space dramas? Is it a threat? Is it possible to disclose all the secrets since the robot is threatened by various traps, radiation and Lemuria’s defence systems? The robot’s every step can result in complete destruction of the only tool that is necessary to humans to discover the mystery.


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