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The story unfolds in our days in a little village Winterwille, where a girl Euphimia works as a seamstress and enjoys her happy life.
But one stormy day a strong tornado burst into the Winterwille. Euphi’s house was totally destroyed and the girl found herself in the center of tornado. Among all this chaos Euphi saw a frightened squirrel. The girl caught the animal and cuddled it, trying to save the squirrel.
Our heroes moved to world inside tornado, built from the items drawn in by tornado. In this world Euphi and the squirrel became a single entity. As the result a squirrel lost it’s body and became a part of Euphimia. And the girl lost her legs, but got the opportunity to move using her hair. And when Euphi wakes up, she will get a lot of questions: where is she, what’s going on and how get back her happy life.


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