Reign of Darkness
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Reign of Darkness
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Reign of DarknessReign of Darkness
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Reign of Darkness

Man Kind creates Satan, as a battle rages on between the living and the undead factions, players must choose to oppose the evil forces or join them. All during the period of The Black Plague, approximately 1348 A.D. shortly after the horrors of the Crusades the pope had ordered. Reign of Darkness is a PC based Apocalyptic, horror type, Medieval MMORPG which references real historical subjects that are fictionalized for the players to experience, and perhaps find interest in these historical events. Examples include the origins of Mythological creatures, Werewolves, Minotaurs, Demons, Hell, and Satan as an opposing force. One specific example is the story of "Vlad the Impaler" or Dracula as he is now known. Players will engage in a story line that revolves around "The Order of the Dragon" as a faction & explains the origin of Dracula, which actually means "Son of the Dragon". And can obtain Vampiric abilities/properties themselves.


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