Onimod land
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Onimod land
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Onimod landOnimod land
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Onimod land

Onimod Land is real-time strategy game. General idea of the game it's a fight between aboriginals and space occupants, who want to colonize their planet. The core of gameplay is similar to classic RTS - win or die. You can choose 1 of 2 different races. The number of units is not limited (in fact, it is limited by your computer performance), which allows to make very impressive battles from lot of tanks, helicopters, catapults, etc. Every race has unique set of skills (technologies, magic spells) and more than 30 upgrades. Units have good ingenuity - helps each other during the battle, repair broken buildings, etc. There are 5 campaigns and 30 maps in the game.
Advanced AI will not let you to be bored during the single game. Network game supports up to 8 players. You can set any political alliances between players. Additionally the game contains the map editor.


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