Chiang Mai Travel Tips For Female Travelers

Chiang Mai is the most culturally significant and largest city in Northern Thailand. It is a hub of activities for travellers who come up North. The locals here are friendly, the city is full of culture, beautiful temples, amazing food markets, beautiful landscapes and a relaxed vibe. Besides being laid-back, you can find a lot of western cafes serving delicious foods and bars all over.

Though this city is displayed as being a chauvinistic man’s playground packed with bars and strip clubs, it is one of the most pleasurable places to travel as a woman. It is a safe and inviting city for any woman traveller even if you are travelling unaccompanied.

Thais are very friendly, welcoming to foreigners and they often find women foreigners quite Attractive. Therefore, do not be surprised by frequent flattery. Even though some of the Thai men get notorious with their talks, they are typically well behaved and harmless.

Safety in Chiang Mai

There is nothing to be afraid of when you touring Chiang Mai, however, be careful not to be lured into suspicious activities where you are asked to spend your money.

Thai people are non-aggressive and they will not bother you as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city. However, you should keep in mind that Thai women are modest, of course except the bar girls they dress modestly and they do not touch men when in public. Therefore, strive to remain as modest as possible when in the public to avoid any trouble.

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Almost all areas of Chiang Mai are safe to walk in even at night and people here are helpful and friendly in case you need help. However, avoid seedy clubs and bars as well as deserted areas. If you visit a club alone, limit the number of drinks so that you have your wits.

Where to Stay In Chiang Mai

Location wise, if you manage to get a hotel close to the city, you are good as most of the sights are located in the city. If you miss a place to stay near the city, consider looking for a hotel towards the river to the East.

For as low as $40 per night, you can get a good room while the charges in the more luxurious hotels starts from around $80. Shared rooms are much cheaper ranging between $4-10. There are a number of alternative accommodations as well such as joining Chiang Mai tours and hillside homestays where you get a taste of hilltribe life and learn more about the Thai culture.