How to Create Beautiful and Relaxing Zen Space

It is getting increasingly difficult to find a place where we can chill out and relax in these busy, fast paced times, and there is nothing we need more than a quiet corner after a day full of activities and mental chatter. While we can’t afford to check out and go to a retreat every once in a while, we can, however, arrange our living space to accommodate relaxation and rest. This is often called Zen space, referring to Japanese Zen meditation, as it is conducive to inner peace, meditation and balance. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve just that.

De-Clutter and Tidy Up

Everything has energy, including objects, even those that are not made of natural materials. When there are a lot of things cluttering a space, there are a lot of different energies piled up and blocking the natural flow of life energy. It can be compared to a stuffy room with no fresh air. It’s even worse if the place is not kept clean. That is why it is very important to de-clutter your space, meaning you simply eliminate everything you don’t need or that is in the way. Use storage to organize your stuff so it is not out in the open. Keep the place fresh and tidy, with lots of room to move about. You will feel some improvement immediately.

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Go for Minimalist Interior Design

Japanese minimalist design is a good example of clean, simple space. Only keep essential pieces of furniture, choose lighter unobtrusive colours and tones like white, light grey, beige and so on. It is best to keep things monochrome or combine two or three tones at the most. As far as decorations and ornaments go, keep them to a minimum. Avoid paintings and wall photos.

Surround Yourself with Softness

Our body relaxes when our senses feel joy so it is essential that you create a space that will make you feel comfortable and let you sigh with pleasure. Get a lot of soft throws, pillows, cushions and blankets. It is important they are soft and nice to touch. Get a good soft carpet that will make it enjoyable to walk on barefoot – this is important for grounding and feeling connected. You can check Zado for some soft rugs you can do your meditation and yoga on.

Bring Natural Materials In

There is nothing that connects you more with peace and calm than nature, so bringing some nature into your space will make it fresh and give it a good vibration. This can be anything from rocks you find outside, pinecones and chestnuts, to little bonsai trees, bamboo, wood logs made into coffee tables, feathers and seashells. Any plants that don’t require special care will make your space alive and provide some natural beauty and peace along with oxygen.

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Enhance the Scents

We simply can’t resist natural scents – when a room smells good, it is difficult to stay stressed and not enjoy it. The Most Popular Way of enhancing the scent of the room is burning incense sticks, lighting scented candles, using essential oils and there really is an abundant offer of these on the market. You could even make some homemade scented candles and add essential oils to them.

Creating your Zen space is fairly easy if you keep in mind you should satisfy all your senses and let them enjoy – make it feel comfortable, make it quiet, make it pleasing to the eye, make it smell good and let you soul melt in joy!