How to Find the Right Clothes for Your Body Type

As with everything in nature, humans come in different sizes and shapes. However, unlike animals and birds, we are not blessed with our natural ‘clothing’, that is fur and feathers that grow out of our bodies for warmth and protection. This is why we have to come up with ways of finding clothing that suit us. The problem with clothing is that it sometimes does not fit and we are often unable to see clearly what fits and what does not. There is a solution to this problem, which you will find in the following few paragraphs.

What Is Your Body Type?

Women bodies are divided into four common body types: pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle. In order to find out which body type you have, you can ask a friend to assist you or simply stand in front of a full-length mirror and determine the shape. After you have found your right shape, the rest is simple: read one of the following paragraphs and update your wardrobe.

Pear-Shaped Body

Pear-shaped body has smaller bust and arms, a well-defined waist and big hips. Since the majority of women are pear-shaped, it will be easy for you to find your perfect clothes. In order to ‘mask’ the curves in your abdomen, you should highlight your upper part in order to make balance. If you have small bust, you can visually enhance it with dotted or striped A-line tops, with a lot of eye-catching embellishments. You can draw the eye upward by wearing ‘sweetheart neckline’ that will enhance your bustline. Another thing you simply must have is a low-slung tunic top that can minimise wide hips. Avoid wearing faded jeans and clingy tops, and basically anything with details below the waist so as not to draw attention to its width.

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Apple-Shaped Body

Apple-shaped body type carries some extra weight around the middle part of the body, so attention must be drawn either upward or downward. The upper part of the body should be covered with wrap-style tops that give the look of a thinner waist and distract the eye from it, like seaming, ribbing and pleating blouses with deep V-necks, as well as tops which gather under the bust. When it comes to pants, stick to straight-leg jeans and trousers that create the sense of having a more proportional body. Avoid prints, patterns, pockets and extreme A-lines, as well as embellishments that can make your midsection look heavier than it is.

Hourglass-Shaped Body

Hourglass-shaped body is characterised by defined waist and the same width of hips and shoulders. This kind of silhouette should exaggerate the femininity and the natural proportional look, rather than hide it. Any type of skirt will look flattering on this type of body, since all the curves are in the right places and they will be normally accentuated. When choosing tops, pick those with nipped waists so as to accentuate your thin middle. And when it comes to pants, the best choice would be boot-cut pants or pants with a bit of flare that fit the right places. You can also wear black belts which you should wear around the thinnest part of the waist. Avoid wearing excessive ruffles and patterns that can create more bulk, as well as stiff fabrics that can hide your gorgeous curves.

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Rectangle-Shaped Body

The rectangular body looks straight up, with no waistline, with small breasts and shoulders, even hips. This body type can be combined with basically any look, so you can wear women’s clothing that will accentuate your femininity, such as fun prints and accessories. Wear a belt to create a feminine waist, choose a top with details on the top and a high-waisted skirt that will make your curves look bigger. And for pants, you can wear skinny jeans that make your body look perfect. Avoid men’s clothes and baggy clothes so they don’t look more masculine, as well as jeans and pants that are too wide.

And lastly, you should always remind yourself that Honda Makassar can help you, but what we stand for is the sense of style. If you want to be stylish, highlight your assets so that you feel confident about your body, which in turn will radiate beauty from within.