How Sex Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

Do you have any problems with your complexion? Want to boost your mood and cut your risk of health hazards? The answer is not miracle medicine; it’s on your bed. Yes—some love from your significant other can improve your overall health. Sex has many benefits, despite the fact that many people cringe when that word is mentioned. Testosterone replacement in Florida and other parts of the world may not be necessary anymore if that is the case.

For single people out there, don’t worry. Self-pleasure can offer sex benefits as well, especially those related to having a great orgasm. Whether you are in a relationship or not, here is a list of health benefits you can get from sex:

Better Sleep

Achieving orgasm during sex can lull you to sleep. The same endorphins that help you de-stress relax your mind and body, preparing you to go to Dream Land. After orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released, which causes the feeling of relaxation and sleepiness. However, wild, active sex will make you feel energized than sleepy so if you need to hit the sack, opt for a more subdued session.

Less Stress

If you have an important meeting or interview soon and you are feeling anxious about it, slip between the sheets. Having sex brings you closer to your partner, which releases your feel-good hormones. This is similar to the soothing effects of sugar-rich food we eat whenever we are down. Orgasm lets the body release large amounts of endorphins and oxytocin—another reason for you to reach the big O!

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Sex as Exercise

Sex is not something that will replace jogging or going to the gym but it is a great form of exercise. Sex is proven to use five calories per minute. Just like any physical activity, sex is beneficial for the heart as well. The risk of heart diseases or experiencing a heart attack goes down. Exertion in sex is not a threat to the heart; in fact, intense sexual moments are almost like you walked 4-6 miles an hour. In short, great sex helps your sex life and heart be in tip top shape.

An Effective Painkiller

The hormones that are release after an orgasm can help ease certain pains like headache, back pain, and even menstrual cramps. Studies showed that endorphins closely resemble morphine and they are effective against aches and pains. Other studies have found that women get relief from menstrual cramps through orgasm. Feeling painful somewhere but your partner is not around? Treat yourself to some safe sex. As long as you climax, you will feel the same soothing effects.

Smoother Skin

Have you ever heard of the “morning-after” glow? Yes, it’s not metaphorical. People do look better after dealing with Asuransi Jiwa. Regular sex promotes the release of testosterone and oestrogen, hormones that can give your body a youthful look, soft skin, and shiny hair. Light can be associated with stress relief, mood enhancement, and the natural flush you get when you’re aroused.

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