The Various Eyelash Growth Products: Which Is the Best?

The Various Eyelash Growth Products: Which Is the Best

With more women expressing their disappointment with their eyelash loss, there are more companies that are manufacturing eyelash growth products. It could mean that you have plenty of choices, but the problem is that there are actually only few of them that would really work for you.

The Issue with Fake Eyelash Lengthener

One of the most common eyelash growth products that are being sold in the market is the fake eyelash lengthener or eyelash extensions. These are the ones that you can temporarily attach into your eyelids when you want to go out with some eyelashes to brag about.

They are very cheap and are available almost everywhere. That is why for someone who is already pressing the panic button, these are the best options for her. Yet they do have a lot of downsides. First, the glue can be very tacky and would only cause more harm to your eyelids.

You become very susceptible to irritation, infection, and allergic reaction.

And they can also cause you more embarrassment especially if they happen to fall off at the most unexpected times and places. It is going to be so shameful that you would have opted to have never gone out or to simply tell those who are curious that you do not have eyelashes for now.

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Lash Growth with Lilash

Lilash is by far the most well-loved eyelash conditioner of women all over the world, and it is pretty understandable. There are just too many benefits that you can enjoy.

First, it can help your eyelashes to grow back in the least amount of time. As early as two weeks, you can already see those lashes peeking out from the follicles. Moreover, when they grow, they are usually twice as long as definitely curvier.

If you can apply the product every 2 or 3 times per week, you will watch them grow much longer and more beautiful-you will have thick eyelashes.

The Problem with This Eyelash Growth Serum

But let us make it clear: not all actually love this product. One of the common complaints is that they develop eye irritation. It is because they have applied the product just below the eyelashes, which is completely not recommended by the product.

You may also realize that the price per bottle is too much. You could be spending almost two hundred dollars for it. Fortunately, they are offering money-back guarantee that is good for 90 days.

And if these were not enough, the bottle can actually last for five to six months. This means that you will not have to purchase another one during half of the year. You can also take advantage of coupons that are being given away for those who are looking for discounts.

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Do not be easily deceived by the many eyelash growth products out there. Some of them contain harsh chemicals that can only worsen your condition, and you may never have your eyelashes back ever. Stick with the no-salt, non-irritating serum and eyelash grower called Lilash.

You will surely be getting your money’s worth-and more.