Tangalle Destinations to visit Sri Lanka

Tangalle is an isolated destination located within the Southern province of Sri Lanka, visitors coming to this side of the world will thrilled by its many lovely beaches, sea life is here in its fullness only found along the beaches, marine life can be exploited here to the fullest, sea food can be enjoyed in most restaurants and hotels along its beaches, Cactus Lounge Restaurant is one such hotel with an international outlook, serving some of the best foods you can ever find in this lonely planet, the restaurant is set in modest but modern settings with very fresh sea food to enjoy, there are many good restaurants to enjoy best five star accommodation and superior amenities.

Tangalle Lagoon:

  1. The lagoon is located at the Madilla road in Tangalle, very spectacular destination to enjoy sea life and wildlife experience only found within this lagoon, with great skating experience from deep to shallow water.
  2. The lagoon is very isolated and serene environment offering a good place for a romantic getaway with your loved ones, the cool and quite waters makes the place a must visit while in this side of life.
  3. Kayaking is the main sporting activity to be enjoyed while here, there is kayak renting to help visitors who want to enjoy kayaking within the lagoons, at just moderate fees you can hire a Kayak.
  4. There is the Tangalle Lagoon resort just within the enclaves of the location, it offers very exclusive services like in any top market resorts, with nice food to enjoy while here and good accommodation, visitors can book there stay here for even longer periods to enjoy full facilities it offers.
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  1. It’s another spectacular location to visit while in Tangalle just a few Kilometers from the vicinity, this is a plateau which exhibits some very red soil which is a contrast from what is the looks of the surroundings, there are some mythical beliefs about the place.
  2. The less vegetation found here is a complete opposite of the rich greens just within a short distance out, this factor makes it a sought after destination for archaeological studies, many visitors are coming to explore the mystery behind its dry weather in a wet environment.
  3. The landscape is breathtaking especially when sun is setting; it will imbue you with its fiery reds as the sun reflects on the red soil of the plateau.
  4. The Hindus beliefs is that there is a meteor got stuck in the background many years back, this belief is attributed to the drought at the km plateau.

Mulgirigala Rock Monastery:

  1. This is a Buddhist temple prone village just interior of Tangalle in Southern Sri Lanka, the unique architectural paintings and nice carvings of the temples is mind blowing sight, there are several temples within the village which are attractive.
  2. It is just like half of the journey from the lovely and pristine beaches of Tangalle in Sri Lanka, the location will continue to thrill many visitors due to its real attractions.
  3. It’s the unique rock patterns made into monasteries which lure many visitors tom this village, well painted rocks, Buddhist temples build within the hewed stone and rocks are magnificent features to visit.
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Bandula Surfing School:

  1. Is another location to visit while in Tangalle best suited for visitors who want to enjoy surfing, the serene surfing destination seats right at the Gardiwayasam beach road in Bandula location near the rich sea waters,.
  2. Here you will enjoy guidance by instructors who are qualified and experience, it offers surfing for all levels even the professional whom want to enjoy the sport.
  3. Visitors are led to very safe surfing locations within the sea so as to avoid dangers, in case of careless surfing, a surfer can be stuck in a dangerous rock or attached by a sea animal like Whale, that’s why then School is very significant for the purpose.
  4. There are good things to enjoy near the School, good hotels and boarding facilities can be accessed from around the School, other activities like bird watching too are undertaken nearby.

Mawella Beach:

  1. Mawella beach is located just slightly far off a long the pristine coastal sides of Tangalle, the beach offers very warm and good atmosphere for sand-bathing experience, people who want to just bask in sun will also find it ideal.
  2. The sea shores along this beach is expansive enough to offer even children ample place to play, swimming led by guides are some of the activities going on here at the pristine beach.
  3. Mawella Beach Resort can be found here for accommodation and eating convenience, visitors can make their booking in this lovely Resort and enjoy staying within the breathtaking atmosphere of the sea.
  4. The cottages here offer all inclusive services, hot water bathtubs, wireless Internet, neat rooms with full services at your reach, other services like Airport transfer can be arranged, and diving in the warm temperature waters can be enjoyed around.
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Tangalle has many places which will thrill you as you visit Sri Lanka, it will leave you with a long craving to go back, many hotels, fresh sea foods, surfing activities, serene beaches and well-appointed vacation destinations, apply for Sri Lankan ETA visas and you will on your way.